Clinical Weight Loss

Walk-in B12 shots $15.00

We have one of the highest success rates in medical weight loss because we combine real medication, a variety of diet options for weight loss, and sensible long term maintenance. It's about your health, take step in the right direction and contact us today.

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Know Your Numbers

Comprehensive Lab Testing

We offer preventative health services such as clinical labs, drug testing, wellness screenings without appointment, doctors orders, or insurance. We also provide routine and travel vaccinations for adults such as Tetanus, Flu , Typhoid, Malaria, TB skin test and more.

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Low T and BHRT

Responsible Hormone Therapy

Changes in hormone levels can be caused by many different factors. Age, weight, and illness, are among the most common culprits. To balance hormone levels, it is medically prudent to examine all areas that may lead to fluctuations.

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