Employer Drug Testing

PicMed is a preferred partner of  eScreen’s revolutionary system providing a completely automated instant drug testing solution with laboratory-like accuracy and producing a completely electronic Chain of Custody.  A combination of escreen’s automated tools with PicMed’s experienced in-house MRO staff provides the best situation for companies who want the best drug testing program in the country.  eScreen’s unique program allows for scheduling and data management of urine tests, breath alcohol tests, physicals, and more.  Whether you are a one man trucking operation who needs to be part of a consortium or nationwide company that needs testing across the country, PicMed has the right solution for you.

PicMed along with escreen provides affordable, rapid, compliant and efficient employee drug testing services for companies seeking faster hiring transactions and paperless solutions.

PicMed  is committed to developing and delivering innovative products and services which automate and streamline the employee screening process. eScreen combines cutting edge technology with superior customer service. eScreen has deployed it’s proprietary rapid testing technology in over 1,500 occupational health clinics nationwide. This technology creates the only web-based, electronic network of collection sites for employers seeking faster drug test results in a digital environment.

eScreen saves employers time and money in the hiring process, significantly lowering the overall cost per hire.

Advantages to  advanced, web-based screening solution for clinics and employers

Test results 15-minutes after completion for all screened negatives
:: Same day hiring decisions
:: Beat out competitors for the best candidates
:: Post Accident/Injury situations – the employee can be back to work faster
:: Screened negative results comprise 90-93% of all tests

Advanced web-based reporting available through website

:: Review and print drug test check results
:: Monitor drug test result status
:: eMail Notification of results from a secure Inbox
:: Scheduling Tool and ePassport
:: Generate statistical reports
:: Generate Turnaround Time reports

Certified Collection Network
:: Most comprehensive network of occupational health providers
:: Nationwide testing through the network
:: Over 3000 clinics installed with the eScreen Drugs of Abuse Testing System

Integrated Solution for Hybrid Programs
:: Lab-based, non-regulated and DOT testing with consistent process and data delivery for ease of implementation and corporate compliance

Integrity of Test Collections
:: Testing is performed under seal in the original collection cup, ensuring the integrity of the test and eliminating human error

Built-in Specimen Validity Profile
:: Automatically detects dilute or adulterated specimens

Automated Test Result Interpretation
:: Electronic interpretation and optical imaging in the eReader eliminates error from human interpretation and provides greater confidentiality of results

A Variety of Result Reporting Options
:: Online via your secure account
:: Automated Voice Response (AVR)
:: Electronic Data Transfer
:: Autofax

Electronic Chain of Custody form is automatically generated.
:: Chain of Custody errors are minimized, lessening delays and extra paperwork

Positive results reviewed by an inhouse experience PicMed MRO.
:: Verifies proper Chain of Custody
:: Rules out legitimate medical reasons for a positive result

Endorsement by Fortune 1000 companies
:: Many large employers have already committed to the eScreen Drugs of Screening Solution to manage their drug testing program

PicMed offers the best solution for nationwide and local drug testing for Non-Regulated and Regulated (DOT)drug testing.  Call us for pricing informtion.  Whether you have 1 employee or 20,000 PicMed is the best solution for your drug testing needs. Collections available in over 3000 nationwide locations.  If you prefer your own onsite collections let us install an escreen machine   to completely automate your drug testing and collection process.

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The following websites are suggested resources for statistics and information regarding drug-free workplace: