Dos and Don’ts of the process

The process is not difficult and with PicMed guiding you, it is generally a simple path. However, there are a few things that can speed up the process and some that can slow it down. By following certain steps and avoiding certain pitfalls, a patient can ensure that they complete the process as accurately and quickly as possible.

Dos: A few simple steps to follow

  • Make an appointment: Because a patient has to be seen by an approved civil surgeon, make an appointment with PicMed so you can be certain the doctor is available on that date.
  • Bring all applicable medical records: Because there are a number of immunization and blood test requirements involved, bringing all possible records can be helpful. We will choose what we need and you will get your originals back.
  • Make sure your picture ID is valid and not expired: Proper and legal identification is required as part of your I-693 package.
  • Visit the clinic on a walk-in basis before your medical exam: Although the exam with the doctor must be by appointment, you can walk-in to our clinic to provide records and get vaccinations or lab work done before your visit. If a patient lets us review records beforehand, we can determine what is needed at that time and have all vaccinations and blood work completed before the physical exam occurs.

Don’ts: A few pitfalls to avoid

  • Try not to wait until the last minute: There are circumstances that arise that will require a last minute completion of the process, but getting your physical completed with some time to spare will reduce patient stress and strain on clinic resources.
  • Don’t get vaccinations before you get lab work completed: Certain vaccines can cause false positive results on lab tests; TB blood tests to be specific. Whether you get the lab work or immunizations done at PicMed or elsewhere, getting vaccinations first can delay your results up to a month!
  • Don’t open the sealed envelope: The sealed envelope must by opened by the appropriate immigration physical. Opening the envelope before that time will invalidate the form and cause a delay of the process and expense to the patient. Remember that you will get copies of everything we do.