How to prepare for your visit

To best be prepared for your visit with the civil surgeon there are just a few easy steps to take to make sure that your visit with the doctor is brief and the delivery of your final paperwork is soon after your physical.

  • Call or email to make your appointment: To get an appointment or to inquire about costs or processes, call (844) 474-2633 or email
  • Collect your records: Dependent upon a patient’s age, there are a varied number of lab tests and immunizations that are required. Gather all vaccination records, lab results, and pertinent medical records so that our staff can determine what requirements, if any, still need to be met. Our goal is to ensure you don’t get unnecessary lab tests or vaccinations, which has the added benefit of saving the patient money.
  • Determine if you need an interpreter: Although, PicMed staff can speak a few languages, it is impossible to know them all. So if the patient has some difficulty understanding or speaking English, please have an interpreter whom is 18 years of age or older present at the physical . There are cases that minors from 14 to 17 years old can act is the interpreter, but this is a rare exception.
  • Bring your portion of the I-693 form: Please bring page 1 only of the I-693 form with Part 1 filled out. You can find the form online by going to or by requesting that page by emailing
  • Wear clothing suited for a medical exam: Although the physical exam is not an intrusive or strenuous one, it will require some minor movement and the process may involve vaccinations or a blood draw so appropriate attire is an aid in the process.

PicMed takes the guesswork out of the process. With many years of experience, we understand a patient’s need for privacy, accuracy of work, and speed of delivery so know that PicMed, the civil surgeons, and staff will take great care of you and your loved ones.