Tulsa Flu Shots

VNA in Tulsa Closed permanently

PicMed Tulsa largest onsite Flu Shot provider.  

VNA ( Visiting Nurses Association) in Tulsa, along with several other onsite flu vendors have closed doors.   Recent competition from national pharmacies have caused many local providers out of business.  Despite the competition, PicMed has thrived and added new Tulsa clientele each and every year.  Even prior to gaining previous VNA flu shot clients, PicMed was the largest onsite corporate flu shot provider in Tulsa.

In addition to adding new clients and services locally, PicMed has expanded reach to become one of the premier onsite flu providers in the country.  PicMed has the industries’ lowest clinic minimum requirement, only 20 participants per local clinic.  PicMed also offers flu clinics that are all inclusive of vaccine, the nurse, online scheduling tools  and the supplies for one low rate.  We back our service with a performance guarantee.

Why choose PicMed

  • PicMed has provided onsite flu clinics in Tulsa since 1998.
  • Direct contracts with multiple manufacturers, which means competitive pricing and availability of vaccine.
  • Committed to Service and we are proud of our 98% satisfaction rate (based on our 2008-2015 seasons). Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
  • Account Managers are available before, during and after the on-site clinic, ensuring each clinics success.
  • Even during years with shortages, PicMed made sure commitments to our clients were kept and also worked with local health departments to vaccinated those with the greatest need. 


Commitment to Service:

  •  User friendly and mobile website makes scheduling easy and efficient.
  • Promotional tools and materials needed to promote the clinic within the organization to maximize participation.
  • PicMed offers the vitamin B12 shots at flu shot clinics.
  • Clients are provided with accurate and timely statements by offering multiple billing options.

If you would like more information or references Please call us today 918-236-3474 or email us at info@picmedclinic.com.  


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